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English UPI Alumni x Jooble

Pada 22 November 2017, English UPI Alumni dan Jooble meresmikan sebuah kerja sama strategis jangka panjang. Jooble, perusahaan teknologi agregator lowongan kerja yang lahir di kota Limassol, Siprus, dan bermarkas di Kyiv, Ukraina didirikan oleh Roman Prokofyev dan...

6 Things I Learned As an English Graduate and Employee

Saying “No” isn’t a skill can be easily mastered, especially if you’re a “people-pleaser” type of person. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to up for something and say “Yes!” to potential opportunities that come. Sometimes, however, we need the ability to know how and when to say “No”.

5 Interesting Places for Mandatory Internship (PLA)

English UPI students deserve better recommendations for their PLA or mandatory internship subject. I’d love to encourage students to move out their comfort zone and tweak their life a little bit by applying to some institutions that are actually still relevant with their line of academics; linguistics and literature.