A Day with Alumni 2017

(ADwA 2017)

Few alumni of English Department at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) gathered deliberating on the lack of practical roles of English UPI alumni in regard in leveraging professional opportunities for active students and networking among alumni themselves. Having thought the same concerns, the group of alumni planned to make an integrated platform for both active students and alumni to be professionally and socially informed, reconnected, and systematically databased


ADay with Alumni 2017 (ADwA 2017) is an exclusive gathering event aims to strengthen and enhance the network andinteraction among alumni and active students of English Department of UPI. The event is consisted in two sections, namely indoor (Alumni Networking) and outdoor (After College Sessions)


All English Department (Education and Literature) alumni of 1998-2012


Open from 8 January 2017 –15 April 2017
Rp. 125.000 (No On Site Registration)
Swag goodie bag, name tag and hors d’oeuvres

+ Rp. 25.000 (for a non-alumni guest invited by Alumni)
Hors d’oeuvres


Nadia Arini –BCA 514 026 2988
Send your transfer receipt via WA to Nadia Arini (08562358382), you will be notified afterwards.

*No cashback for cancellation (but we will deliver your swag bag post-event so please send your current address to Nadia Arini)

Venue & Time

Balai Pertemuan Umum (BPU) and its parking area, 29 April 2017

Run Down

09.00 – 10.00

10.00 – 10.10

10.10 – 10.20

10.20 – 10.30

10.30 – 10.45

10.45 – 12.00

12.00 – 15.00



Opening by MC

Speech by English Department representative

Speech by ADwA 2017 General Coordinator

Charity Bestownment

Alumni Networking

After College Session


Frequently Asked Questions
What is A Day with Alumni (ADwA) 2017?

A Day With Alumni (ADwA) 2017is an exclusive event involving English Department alumni class of 1998-2012. The event consists of two parts:

Indoor –Networking. In this section, alumni are encouraged to know each other further both personally and professionally to leverage potential opportunities among them.

Outdoor –After College Session. In this section, alumni are going to be placed in some provided booths to face-to-face interact with college students, to share about anything, especially the professional life after college

What are the objectives of ADwA 2017?
ADwA 2017 aims to leverage both personal and professional opportunities among alumni, enhance alumni database and connect active college students with the alumni in order to optimize the alumni contribution.
Who is the participant of ADWA 2017?
Alumni of English Department at the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) class of 1998-2012
Why participant is limited from1998-2012 only?
The participant limitation is the result of careful consideration regarding committee’s limited resource to manage the fairly big event. The class of 1998 was chosen as the starting point because it was the first generation of English Language and Literature major the committee would love to try to gather.
IsADwA 2017 a one-offevent?
It is hoped that this kind of event can be held foronce a year with a wider reach of participation.
Is ADwA 2017 a paid event? How is the breakdown?
Yes, it is paid. The registration fee will be broken down into two big components, namely operational costs and charity by alumni.
How do register for ADwA 2017?

The registration is done by transferring the registration fee to Nadia Arini through: Nadia Arini –BCA 514 026 2988

How do I confirm my payment?
Confirm the payment by sending an SMS/Whatsapp to Nadia Arini: 08562358382
Can I bring my significant other/child/family members who are non-alumni? Is there any extra charge?
Yes, you may bring your non-alumni plus one. However, you may have to be charged extra IDR 25.000/person
Why is not there on-site registration?

The onsite registration is not going to be provided since ample time and fixed data are needed to guarantee the fulfillment of facilities for participants who have committed to follow the terms of registration.

Can I still join the event when I come to the venue at D-day?
There is no special restriction for anyone to come to the venue of ADwA2017 being held. However, it is restricted for anyone who does not follow the terms of registration to join the indoor event. Meanwhile, everyone may participate in the outdoor event.

SEE  YOU  ON ADwA 2017!