At Least, Fill This Alumni Database Form, The More The Merrier (It’s not a hoax)

Dear English UPI alumni from all over galaxy, we need you to fill this form.

Please note that this form has no direct connection with our A Day with Alumni 2017 registration. But, the database resulted from it is indeed helpful in supporting the event at some point.

We appreciate those who have completed the form filling and to those who have tirelessly disseminated the link to reach a wider range of alumni, we thank you!

But this message is directed especially to those who haven’t filled the form.

Do you know why it’s imperative for you to fill this form? We’ll tell you why.

1. It Helps English UPI Department’s Accreditation

You know what? Every year, our English UPI Department has been allocated some fund to conduct a tracery study. It’s a study in which alumni being systematically databased in order to sustain the relationships, leverage both professional and personal academic opportunities, and other strategic visions.

In the assessment, the quality of this study becomes one of indicators that may determine accreditaion if the department sticks on its “A” or “B”. As you may know, an accreditation of one department has its own role in succeeding someone’s academic or professional career.

So, if you care about all of above-mentioned matters please fill this alumni form and, if you can, disseminate it to friends from the same and or older batch you know.

Tell them that this one is not a hoax.

2. It Helps the Upcoming Alumni Website

You heard us; we’re planning to build a website that will be an integrated sharing-platform for alumni and students on professional matters, ideas, views, and whatnot. Also, we plan to store a downloadable alumni directory per batch and other interesting stuff.

If you fill this alumni form, you’ll be a potential contributor to develop our website. Also, it’ll be easier for us to proactively reach all of you in, for instance, informing an event, inquiring for an article, etc.

3. It Helps to Build a Stronger English UPI Alumni Network

The fact is, we’ve never been truly connected. We mean, seriously… English UPI alumni have been all over places, studying and working in diverse industries, and doing so many great — and not so great — things.

So please, let us and students know all of those worth to know stuff.

Let us be inspired, let us be like you or more by filling this form.

Just kidding, don’t fill the form.

On behalf of the Team, with unlimited respect,

Meizar Ahmad Assiry