Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t.

I’m not being sceptical. It’s just, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no such coincidence in this world. Everything’s been planned accordingly to occur and there must be something behind every occurrence. That’s what I truly believe in.


Let’s walk down memory lane now. When I was in senior high school — a third grader to be precise — all I wanted was to take International Relations as my major once I graduated. I had made all necessary effort to realise the hope. Did I make it? Never. Was I devastated? Totally. I failed but I had to keep moving on. So, out of a sudden, me, the person who at that time wasn’t a big fan of SBMPTN, took the test and the major I chose, surprisingly wasn’t the aforementioned one.


I chose English Education Program at Indonesia University of Education for its popularity among other majors. Boom! Miraculously, I got accepted. However, the story didn’t stop there. I was facing insoluble dilemma since I managed to obtain an offer from another well-known university. Long story short, without doubt, I picked the major that has led me to a life-changing moment, ever.


After a long battle of finishing my final paper, I finally graduated in October, 2013. Then what? I was jobless and had no idea what I really wanted.


The naive me kept desiring an occupation that didn’t involve teaching for what she hoped was working in a big company with enormous salary, and teaching at school? Seriously?


What happened next was beyond my comprehension. I got a number of job offers from a lot of companies. I went through countless interviews, but nothing ever worked out. Back then I was completely desperate. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t that brainless, I possessed skills and qualities that could be shown off, but why it seemed so hard to get a job that I wanted. Until one day when I was about to give up, a friend of mine shared a job vacancy to be a language assistant in Australia.


I took the opportunity. I applied immediately for the position. I fulfilled all the requirements and successfully passed the administrative phase. I was then interviewed by the lecturers who would make a final decision. After the event, I was hopeless and had nothing to lose. I didn’t expect to be selected, but the universe had worked amazingly beyond my understanding. I was selected as one out of three candidates who would spend a year in the Vegemite sphere to work and promote Indonesian language and culture.


The journey that I had been through has changed my life completely. I’d love to share my precious moments of working as an Indonesian Language Assistant out in woop-woop (an Australian term to describe a place located literally in the middle of nowhere) within another piece of writing. However, the point that I fancy to highlight here is you might not get what you want, but it’s not the end of the world.


Maybe something that you really want so badly is not good for you, and you have to learn to accept any possibilities, embrace them, love them for the incredible joy they might bring to your life. Trust your instinct and remember that everything happens for a reason.


Tiara Cita Maharani, widely known by close peers as “Hime” had joined the crowd of English Education Program in 2009 and made her way to the altar of graduation in 2013. Spent a year in the land of Down Under in 2015 working as an Indonesian Language Assistant at Pyramid Hill College, Victoria. Currently juggling to balance between working and studying — making a living as an English teacher at EF Banda and pursuing Master’s Degree at Indonesia University of Education. Feel free to contact her!