English UPI students deserve better recommendations for their PLA or mandatory internship subject. I’d love to encourage students to move out their comfort zone and tweak their life a little bit by applying to some institutions that are actually still relevant with their line of academics; linguistics and literature.

Critical thinking, writing, speaking, communications, and analysis skills are great capital for a student to start and survive an internship anywhere. Yes. Anywhere.

Here are five institutions that I consider to be very interesting to be one of your internship destinations with a great takeaways experience, guaranteed:

1. Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS)


The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) is dedicated to providing policy analysis and practical policy recommendations to decision-makers within Indonesia’s legislative and executive branches of government. CIPS promotes social and economic reforms that are based on the belief that only civil, political, and economic freedom allow Indonesia to prosper. It’s being financially supported by donors and philanthropists who appreciate the independence of its analysis. Click here if you’re interested in interning at CIPS.

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia (Kemlu)

The MOFA of Indonesia has always been an obsession for many English UPI students. It’s not a secret. Since the selection is so tight to be a fulltime diplomat, you may want to experience the Kemlu experience through its internship program. Many of English UPI students had had their internship there at least since 2007, as far as I’m concerned. Click here for more information.

3. British Chamber of Commerce (Britcham)

Britcham is the official entity that facilitates UK and Indonesia businesses. Working in partnership with the British Embassy (UKTI) and the British Council BritCham is committed to developing a services infrastructure that supports all stages of business development right from their inception in Indonesia. If you’re interested in applying for an internship there, just fill the form by clicking here.

4. Kiroyan Partners (KP)

KP is a strategic communications and public affairs consulting firm. In a more simple fashion, public affairs are described as Public Relations+ (plus). The internship lasts for a period of two to three months. During this period, the intern will be exposed with working in KP’ teamwork setting and learn to perform various tasks under the guidance of a consultant as the acting supervisor throughout the internship program. Learn more here.

5. House of Representative of Indonesia (DPR-RI)

DPR-RI has always been an interesting place to be at and talk about. The House Secretary General is assigned to take care of internship program at the House. You have to come directly to Gd. Nusantara 3 No. 2, Jakarta and meet Pak Ade Effendi (Humas DPR-RI) then hand your application over. The required documents are CV, Academics transcript, internship letter from FPBS, Your Internship Proposal (including your proposed internship time, 2 months before that minimum), and photos.

Do you have any recommended interesting place for an internship? Oh, and good luck for those taking PLA!