We remembered when we consulted to guys from ESA about ADwA’s charity program and developing a list of awardee, the name Yoana came up. They told us the story about her perpetual struggle with her illness. We did not expect such story to be told on that day, but it was really inspiring.

After gathering complete data about Yoana and carefully assessing them, her name was going straight to the list of awardee. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to know Yoana in person as she could not make it to the event due to her health condition. However, we managed to contact her to further inform her regarding the award. Alhamdulillah, we did it.

She was a wonderful, humble, big-hearted lady.

In our conversation, she said the award can be just given to someone who was in a more urgent situation after she straightened things out that she was still on the waiting list of her heart surgery. Thus, she might not use the award shortly.

Furthermore, she shared about how she was still getting herself together since an open surgical procedure was to be applied to her condition. But, we insisted her to receive the award as we strongly believed that it would still be beneficial to her at that time.

It broke our hearts to the core to learn the news last year about her leaving this world forever.

This wonderful lady, Yoana, deserves the best place in Heaven. She has taught us so many things. She is a part of us. She is a family member. She is the role-model who teaches us the true meaning of struggling to the end.

We love you, and this is our last and highest salute to you.

Rest in peace, Yoana.

English UPI Alumni